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Underground Tunnels and Trafficking In Ukraine

Pechersk Lavra (“The Kiev Monastery of the Caves”). Photo via Wikipeida.

Kiev, like Odessa or Lviv, has an ancient history and a mysterious underground life. Hundreds of secret passages, caves and bunkers (that still haven’t been completely discovered by scientists and researchers) are hidden throughout the city.” (
  • Kyiv Pechersk Lavra caverns: “a system of narrow underground corridors (about 1-1½ metres wide and 2-2½ metres high), along with numerous living quarters and underground chapels” – “Foreign travellers in the 16th–17th centuries wrote that the catacombs of the Lavra stretched for hundreds of kilometres, reaching as far as Moscow and Novgorod.” (Wikipedia)
  • Nikolskaya and Askoldova drain systems (source: “A Secret Guide To The Kiev Catacombs“):
    • “The Nikolskaya system…catacomb has two layers and a total length of 1.8 miles (3 km).”
    • “The Askoldova drain system….is the most complicated and intricate drainage system in Kiev….Stretching for 33 meters (108 feet).”
  • (Source: “A Secret Guide To The Kiev Catacombs“)


“To many residents, the thick walls and cave networks of ancient monasteries and churches suddenly look like potential military bases, or warehouses for a hostile invading force.”

Emma Graham-Harrison, “Ukraine’s Pro-Russian Monasteries Draw Local Suspicion,” The Guardian, March 7, 2022,


See archive link to thread.

“The port of Odessa is the platform for child trafficking and money laundering, all transiting through huge tunnels that water Eastern Europe (Russia not included). Ukraine is a egg-laying factory, some of whose children are used in trafficking.”

“I will not go into detail, child trafficking, it is too sordid, the prostitution of state-owned minors, the encouragement of the creation of hateful militia, the purpose of laboratories, money laundering. I think Putin is making the intervention we should have done.”

“We can historically debate whether Ukraine is Russian (there is debate), but from the Russian point of view, as it is above all an ideological war: nature, against anti-nature; God against Satan. It is out of the question that one defiles one’s ‘territory’ in this way.”

Human Trafficking In Ukraine (October 18, 2017)

Yulia Sachenko, Director, “a21” (anti-trafficking organization), paints a portrait of suffering that is increasing in scope:

“If before we thought that human trafficking or modern-day slavery equals sex slavery and only girls and young women were suffering…now the nature of trafficking changes and basically we can say that in Ukraine more than 50% of victims of trafficking [are] a…young male.

“This is related to the labor exploitation in Ukraine and abroad. There are some trends in Ukraine of  course we can say that the military conflict and the east of Ukraine enhances the situation.

“Now the borders are open and a lot of young men who need to earn money for their  families, they are heading towards Europe to earn to get a better job, a better life and to earn more money for their families, and unfortunately they may not know their rights or the right way of getting a job.

“The most common [scenario] is that when the person is invited for a job [they] can be kept at some premises for some time, and then having no job and no money they are then forced to do some kind of  job they didn’t want to do before, and sometimes this is related to  committing a crime.

“And recently there’s a trend in  Ukraine when young males are invited for  jobs abroad as couriers, and then they are forced to bring drugs through the borders, and obviously they end up in prison in such countries as Russia, Greece, or Brazil.

Typical stories:

 “Annie from the USA, who was trafficked by her own boyfriend….Evie from from Thailand…who was sold into sex slavery and in the age of three years old she was basically keeping the family of people…and of course the story of Ivan from Ukraine who suffered a lot from labor exploitation….found [job] that promised a lot of money and not a hard job abroad….as soon as he got to the place, his passport and documents were taken away and he was captured…and forced to do hard work…as soon as he was sick, he just lost all his health probably, he was very weak, and the traffickers just threw him away….Miraculously, he managed to survive.”

Concerns About Human Trafficking Of Ukraine-Russia War Refugees (2022)

By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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